Welcome to Winter 2020 Elementary Program Preinternship


Welcome to your University of Regina Elementary Program pre-internship year! In Winter 2020 you continue your journey of becoming a teacher. This site is designed to provide information on Academic Regulations & Expectations, Professionalism, Student Services & Supports, Preinternship Field Experiences (3 week block), Instructional Planning templates, Student Samples, Resources & Education News.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: March 18th, 2020
UofR Pre-interns will not be expected to post 3-week unit plans to this site. Due to school closures you were unable to live out your “planned unit” so the “shared unit” is not a requirement. Keep all your plans, materials and resources as you may be able to use in internship. Hold onto your passion and excitement for your Internship.In the midst of all that’s happening, our school partners are already talking about ways to best support fall interns. You are prepared to continue your “process of becoming” a teacher. You will be okay. We’re all in this together. Stay safe, stay healthy. Look after yourself & others.
~Julie Machnaik, UofR Faculty of Education Elementary Program Chair~