Academic Performance

See Faculty of Education Student Services Centre, 2018-2019 Undergraduate Calendar and Course for detailed information.

ATTENDANCE is critical. Any student absence is reported to the Student Services Office, no matter the reason. If you miss one or two 1.5 hours of class you may receive an Attendance Warning letter.

Evaluation of Academic Performance Progress in the Program:
1, Under current faculty regulations, progress in the program is based on academic standing AND professional development. Faculty selection and review committees determine students’ eligibility to progress into all professional terms, including internship.
2. At the end of each term, students with poor academic records and/or unsatisfactory professional development will be subject to faculty action; students may be required to discontinue or be placed on faculty probation
**Undergraduate Programs have a mid-term and end of term Student Review Process. There are 4 Review Categories: Professional Development, Academic Performance, Attendance & Punctuality, Other. If you are reviewed you will be notified by your instructor(s), Elementary Chair or Associate Dean, Student Services Centre where a plan of action will be put in place. Elementary Program Student Review Winter 2019 pdf
3. To qualify for internship students must:
– have a PGPA of at least 70% for the UofR Elementary Education Program in the pre-internship year
– successfully complete ALL pre-internship methodology courses
– successfully complete pre-internship field experiences and be recommended by cooperating teacher & faculty advisor to continue to internship
– show high level of professional development/professionalism
be successfully reviewed by instructors, Director of Field Experiences and Professional Development, Associate Dean of Students Services and Elementary Program Chair to inform final decision of PASS or FAIL. Elementary Program Chair is responsible for entering final grades for EFLD311 or EFLD318.

Need academic advising? Visit Academic Advising and Registration webpage to arrange an appointment with an Academic Advisor.