ePortfolios: Getting Started

WordPress Pro Version purchased for UofR Faculty of Education students. You may choose to use this address to access your free account to use for your ePortfolio.  https://edusites.uregina.ca/

Need help to get started? VIEW ECS mentor helping student begin to build ePortfolio. Thanks to Danielle (ECS100 Fall 2019 student) for helping Bailey (ECS100 Winter 2020 student) create her ePortfolio. Zoom recording Feb. 12th, 2020, 48 min of step-by-step instructions.

Whatever you name your blog/ePortfolio that is what will appear at the end of the url. I’d use my own name but that’s your personal choice.  For example, mine could be https://edusites.uregina.ca/machnaik OR https://edusites.uregina.ca/juliemachnaik OR https://edusites.uregina.ca/jmachnaik

What IS a Professional ePortfolio? A Professional ePortfolio is: an online space for you to share your professional ‘process of becoming’ a teacher.

A Professional ePortfolio is NOT: a scrapbook where you stuff everything you do, experience or collect in an online space. You must carefully select what you post and do so knowing that you will be constantly revisiting, reflecting and revising.

A Professional ePortfolio will:

  • Show a collection of your professional work, goals and growth
  • Share treasures collected as you build your resource list
  • Provide evidence of your learning
  • Continually evolve as you grow
  • Provide evidence of complexities associated with teaching and learning
  • Tell your story!

    How do I get started?
  • Sometimes it helps to work in a word document or simply a piece of paper to plan out your frame – what are the pieces you plan to build? Think of this as your ‘starter house’ where you will continue to build, renovate, redecorate over your career.
  • See ePortfolio suggestions for key pages/tabs to begin to build your frame. Check out the many student samples for ideas.

ePortfolio Framework Pages (tabs) with suggested drop-downs (not a required list as you may or may not have all information or experiences at this time)

  • About Me
    • Who am I? (an appropriate photo of you may be included)
    • Education, gifts, strengths
  • Educational Philosophies
    • I Believe statements…
    • Professional Quotes (that speak to your beliefs) 
  • Professional Learning
    • Professional Writing – assignments from this class & others may be included; autobiographical piece (or parts of, you do not need to share the entire assignment); Journey to Reconciliation aesthetic piece and write-up
    • Forum posts (Discussion forum work, host/guest samples) that you are proud of – quotes from a variety of posts that provide evidence of your thinking, writing, documentation of your learning.


  • Treaty Education
  • Truth & Reconciliation
  • Inclusive Education
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Books & articles