EQ examples by Wiggins & McTighe:

How do the arts shape, as well as reflect, a culture?
Who is a true friend?
Whose story is this?
Why do people move?
What is worth fighting for?
Is there a pattern?
How are stories from other places and times about me?
What makes objects move the way they do?
Is aging a disease?
What can artworks tell us about a culture or a society?
How does where you live influence how you live?
How can motion express emotion?
What makes a system?
What “truths” can we learn from fiction?
How do effective writers hook and hold their readers?
Does global interdependence help or harm the people involved?
How do our economic and political choices affect others?
What responsibilities do we have to others in the world?
How does one live in the world with integrity?
Who sees and who is blind?
How does dance create and communicate meaning?
What makes a great story?
How does an organism’s structure enable it to survive in its environment?
Can anyone be an artist?
What kind of artist am I?
Is one picture worth a thousand words?
Is the medium the message?