Field Experiences

Dates: Mon. March 11th to Fri. March 29th, 2019 inclusive
Faculty Advisor list will be provided when assignments are complete. Faculty Advisors will observe you 3 times during your 3-week block. Cooperating teachers AND faculty advisors are both involved in the final assessment. You must have a successful pre-internship AND pass all methodology courses to qualify for Fall 2019 internship.

Questions about Winter 2019 Pre-internship Field and Fall 2019 internship? Visit UofR Faculty of Education Professional Development & Field Experiences Office webpage

Roles, Expectations, Assessment questions?
Refer to Elementary Pre-Internship Manual Winter 2019

How do I prepare for the 3-week block?

  • Read manual very carefully to understand your role & responsibilities
  • There are 3 steps and expectations to your EFLD311 and EFLD318 unit plan: 1. THE PLANNED UNIT (your unit sketch/draft plan that you prepare before your 3-wk block; shared with cooperating teacher & faculty advisor before block) You may be able to do this as an assignment or part of in one of your courses. Look at your course syllabi, have discussions with your instructors 2. THE LIVED UNIT (what really happens; the messy, complex, lessons planned in detail, revisions, sticky notes, reflections scribbled throughout) 3. THE SHARED UNIT PLAN (to be done AFTER the 3-week block is complete; this is when you clean up the lived unit to prepare the FINAL version of your COMPLETE unit to share with the world; post on ePortfolio)
  • To begin…Brainstorm multidisciplinary unit topics, essential questions that you are interested in planning and teaching for your 3-week block
  • Jot down ideas or create a mindmap and have an initial discussion with cooperating teacher for final approval BEFORE you begin to plan.
  • One-pager Multidisciplinary Unit Plan Overview – great place to start
  • Plan Multidisciplinary unit to include at least 3 subject areas and Treaty Education. Use template(s) from course work ensuring all required elements are included (pack instructional suitcase with lesson plans, resources, materials – overplan & overpack)
  • Map out a sequence of 8-10 lessons with first 2-3 lessons fully developed, ideas for half-day (more in-depth projects, learning tasks) and plan the final 1-2 culminating lessons for your unit. This is your UNIT SKETCH.
  • Share unit sketch with cooperating teacher before your 3-week block (sometime during the week of Feb. 25th), be open for feedback, make any suggested changes before 3-week block begins and then
  • Share unit sketch with faculty advisor before your 3-week block (sometime between Feb. 25th), be open for feedback, make any suggested changes before 3-week block begins
  • Plan all other lessons in-depth during 3-week block (just as a teacher would), being mindful, responsive and reflective during pre and post-conferences.
  • Prepare Professional Development Plans (PDP) to share in pre-conference and reflect on in post-conference (with cooperating teacher and/or faculty advisor)
  • Teach one formal lesson each day from your unit (time may vary but usually 45-60 minute lessons each day, this will be decided with your cooperating teacher)
  • Plan and teach one half-day in 2nd or 3rd week
  • Be actively involved in all class courses, activities; may teach individual lessons in other subjects or daily routines as requested by cooperating teacher
  • Add to your Professional ePortfolio
  • Be Professional in all you do (See STF Code of Professional Ethics)