Planning Templates

There are multiple ways of planning for a unit of study. Think about the many instructional planning formats, tools and strategies that you have already learned and continue to learn in your pre-internship methodology courses. EFLD311 and EFLD318, your opportunity to begin to pull all the pieces together, to weave multiple subject areas together, to plan meaningful, relevant and engaging learning experiences for your students.

Here are a few templates that provide a format for planning but you may have other formats from other classes that work best for you. These template inform you of the “pieces”, the critical elements of planning, that you must think about and include in your planning no matter what the format may look like. You can NOT leave out one piece or the planning will not be complete. This is an important process for you to be mindful and professional. You need to put forth your best effort to be successful in the field.

One-pager Multidisciplinary Unit Plan Overview – great place to start
Unit Planning Framework
Template Lesson Plan Backwards by Design
Lesson Plan BbyD Guiding Ideas
Further Explanation of Backwards by Design (BbyD)
Template 2 Lesson Plan Backwards Design (4 large boxes)
PDP (Professional Development Plan) Template Editable pdf
PDP Blank document (word)