Sample Unit Plans

Grade 2 Community Unit Plan Sample

Middle Years Sample Units BACKWARDS DESIGN UNIT PLANS created by WINTER 2018 Pre-interns (following Examples of Essential Questions)

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: What ARE essential questions??
These are the BIG IDEAS that can be explored for understanding but never be fully answered. Questions that stimulate ongoing thinking and inquiry; raise more questions; spark discussion and debate; asked and reasked throughout the unit (and maybe the year); demand justification and support; “Answers” may change as understanding deepens.

Examples of Essential Questions from “Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding” written by McTighe and Wiggins. The authors remind us that EQs are open-ended, thought-provoking, intellectually engaging, call for higher-order thinking, requires support and justification and recurs over time.
Examples of EQs provided by McTighe & Wiggins

**Learners are engaged in UNCOVERING the depth and richness of a topic that might otherwise be obscured by simply COVERING it.**

**Check out the many SAMPLE units created by UofR Winter 2018 Pre-interns, designed around ONE essential question with a few guiding questions.

  1. What does it mean to be healthy? Grade 7 & 8 by Raegyn Fulmek

2.  How do we create a collaborative team? Grade 6/7 by Trisha Wallington

3.  What does it mean to be healthy? Grade 7/8 by Erin Zinger

4.  Why on EARTH should we care?  Grade 8/9 by Jacquie Walbaum

5. How does government impact us?   Grade 4/5 by Shannon Johnstone

6.  What is the significance of place? Grade 8 by Kim Thue

7. Why is wellness important to me? Grade 7/8 by Maytlind Mallo

8. How does data impact my life? How does abuse impact one’s self. family and community? Grade 7/8  by Brayden Dreger

9. What is the significance of place? Grade 7/8 by Amanda Ewert

10. How do we work smarter? Grade 5 by Cody Biever

11. Why are Relationships Important? Grade 6/7 by Laneise Scharback

12. Why is Canada a Rainbow? Gr. 5/6 by Hira Zahid

13. How does mindfulness benefit me? Gr. 6/7 by Janae Prediger

14. What is my connection to space? Gr. 6 by Paige Lyons

15. How does puberty affect our lives? Gr. 5/6 by Jon Wilmot

16. What does it mean to be healthy? Gr. 6/7 by Tianna Macdonald

17. How do you work towards becoming a willow? Gr. 7/8 by Taylor Gamracy & Dan Santha

18. What does respect look like? What does it mean to respect ourselves in healthy ways? Gr. 4/5 by Breanne Kauck-Fiacco & Brooklyn Mantai

19. Who am I as a consumer? by Daniel St-Jacques
20. Who am I as a consumer? by Kealey Hanna

21. What is culture? What does Indigenous culture look like in Canada? Gr. 8 by Erin Maki

22. What does respect look like? Grade 4/5 by Brooklyn Mantai

23. What does it mean to be afraid? Grade 7/8 by Brooklyn Selinger

24. Why do bills and laws exist? Gr. 7/8 by Jeremy Baetz